Research & Writing

Research & Writing for Professional Workflows

For lawyers, policymakers and others seeking to efficiently incorporate expertise into their workflow, I offer research, analysis and drafting.

I work in both state and federal courts — from the municipal level through to the U.S. Supreme Court — as well as in administrative tribunals and other governmental units stateside and abroad. I also produce original content for publication and distribution.

Appellate Briefs
Internal & External Memoranda
Complaints & Petitions
Pre-Trial Motions & Discovery
Legislation & Policy Memoranda
Transactional & Technical Documents
Reports & Announcements
Short & Long Form Articles
Historical Analyses
Rare Sources & Foreign Materials

My attention to policy has taken my practice to several jurisdictions, and permitted me to work rigorously in multiple disciplines — including media, intellectual property, professional liability, municipal/legislative, constitutional, international, construction, regulatory/administrative, corporate and commercial, labor/employment, environmental, maritime, insurance, education, trusts/estates, nonprofit, and tax, among others. Research and writing is available within any discipline, as well as on fundamental issues of American law and jurisprudence.

If you have any questions about what I do or whether I can help you, please do not hesitate to call and talk them over.