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October 12, 2016
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There is nothing that cannot potentially bear on the practice of law. So being informed across disciplines is of distinct advantage to an attorney. Hard law itself is only half the practice — the other half is fact. To avoid being cornered by reality, a lawyer must be as broadly schooled as all time allows. No case, no matter and no issue occurs out of context, and no context is truly siloed or divorced from any other. Law is a web of reference, and reality is a single affair. I therefore consider it a duty to read widely without artificial topical restraints.

Over the last couple of years I have saved more than a few links to read later (precisely 160, in fact). I use Instapaper for that purpose. Expand the “Saved Links” list below for an itemized compilation, enumerated in no particular order, and see even more on my Instapaper feed.

This is not a comprehensive inventory of my reading, and this index does not necessarily represent a fair cross-section of my reading – it merely covers an overlapping domain of (1) pieces I thought I might like to read at (2) a juncture when I could not set time aside to read them.

In addition to those two limiting parameters, there are a few more. The time period covered here is relatively brief — certain kinds of things are bound to catch our attention at certain points in time. Also, I tend to read new and relevant legal content (including cases and hard law) immediately and not set it aside for later – so that half of lawyerly life is nearly unaccounted for in the list. Finally, the most glaring omission is in the context itself – there are no books listed, and I spend at least 50% of my reading time (which occupies at least 20% of every day) reading books, ordinarily of the old-school physical sort, but certainly not exclusively.

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