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In addition to my research and writing practice, I center my direct legal representation on media, arts and technology — whether clients are individual, organizational or governmental; and whether matters are personally or internationally significant. My practice rests on native fluency with creatives and their endeavors; a mastery of process; a highly organized, efficient and technologically adroit back office; and modes of advocacy that are elementally policy-driven.

Corporate Governance & General Counsel
Technical Contracting & Licensing
Intellectual Property Development & Protection
Civil Claim Prosecution & Defense
Deep Research & Briefing
Local to International Regulatory Compliance
Administrative Practice
Government & Policy Consulting

I work through a freelance model that gives clients a rare degree of flexibility on key parameters of our relationship. I pair up with professionals, work with and within organizations, join small or large teams, and become embedded or fully dedicated for durations of time if it is most efficient or effective. My approach is pointed and minimalistic — complexities are reduced to fulcrums.

The time is now 14:33:59 at my office in Boston MA USA. Your local time is 14:33:59. I remain available twenty-four hours a day for clients and emergencies. For new client inquiries, or for more comprehensive attention, please contact me during extended business hours.

Media + Arts + Tech


I am native to media, arts and tech – as a former touring musician, as one who can and does code, and as a maker fluent in design and multimedia content development (audio, video, photo, graphic, analog, textual). This overlap of niche and background allows me to efficiently and peerlessly integrate legal and creative for clients working in expressive spaces.


They are called organizations for good reason. Getting and staying documented, well-papered, compliant, and aligned with pragmatic protocols is prime among best practices. General counsel and correct governance are as important to closely-held companies as they are to those seeking or deploying external funding. There are few investments more sound than a solid foundation.


Optimizing a deal requires focussed and technical drafting. What multiple collaborators have in mind when they begin does not automatically manifest when a concept is translated into the physical world. Get ahead of junctures, pivots and transitions. Reflecting on the page what is intended at heart is the ultimate efficiency.


There are few disciplines as relevant and fluid as copyright. The media space has enjoyed rapid development over recent decades. Law is not always so quick to follow. Navigating ownership of content is a primary concern for creative enterprises.


Impact and impression are salable and demand attention, from protecting to capitalizing. Define your brand, put on a search, definitively document, and enforce with intent – or share, collaborate and cross-pollinate.

Trade Secrets

Assets come in variegated forms – not always capitally quantifiable or neatly captured by intellectual property regimes. But proprietary information can be of principal, or even singular value. Safeguard, manage and leverage such resources prudently and productively.


One of the most important tools in the kit of creative profit is the flexibility and extensibility that adept licensing affords. Do it well – do it right.


Interfacing with public agencies is a vastly different experience than cutting deals in the private sector. Conventions, ethics, regulations, policy, and sinuous procedure need not block your path forward. Additionally, the First Amendment was written for you – stand on it.


There will almost certainly come a time when dispute crops up and grows entrenched, or rights and obligations are transgressed or ignored. Less talk, more action – bring deft advocacy and mastery of process into play.


Creation is nothing if uninspired. Your vocation is to deploy vision and bridge the gap between what is known and unknown, what is possible and impossible. Apply the very same foresight to your company and your career. Chance favors the prepared mind.