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Job descriptions sometimes obscure the true talent sought with a semi-technical litany of desired proficiencies. But where there’s little precedent and no pre-conceived slot into which a candidate will merely plug, that won’t do.

My clients ask for vision. I embed myself in the teams with which I work. I do not use a medical model or simply deliver services; I dialogue and design. Providing my most powerful, certain and imaginative counsel is a calling from which I do not rest.

Though I prefer hearing from experienced colleagues, if you have an exceptional background and are on the pathway to practice, I don’t discourage you from making an inquiry. Partnership inquiries are also most welcome.

Now, about you and the signal traits that will keep us in demand. You must be an interdisciplinarian. You must be entrepreneurial and self-directed, yet collaborative. You must possess model judgment. You must be technically inclined and capable of the flawless application of technology and remote systems. You must be extroverted, social and generous. You must be willing to travel domestically and abroad, and have a knack for intercultural relations. You must understand execution at all levels of government, including within intergovernmental organizations. You must be committed to work product perfection, both substantively and aesthetically. You must have great respect for deadlines and temporality. You must be an excellent oral communicator, as well as impressive with written articulation.

You must have an acute facility with business numbers, but be no less able to speak fluently with creatives for it. You must be capable of theoretical abstractions in law. You must be highly skilled with research and the parallel processing of multiple lines of complex reasoning. You must be adept at working projects on a procedural and rule-based level while at the same time stewarding direction from far overhead. You must appreciate complete financial and strategic transparency. You must have character that’s been unsheathed by adversity, and drive to undertake projects beyond the realm of what’s thought possible. You must be schooled in things literary. You must be temperate and have a gentle sense of humor. And finally, you must never give up.

It’s not just me that’s been waiting for you. It’s all of law.

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