New Client Intake

This is the intake form for new clients requesting legal representation. A follow-up discussion will be scheduled if your matter is elevated for consideration. The rest of the process looks like this in ten steps.

  1. If you opt to engage me and I accept, a link to an engagement letter will be dropped to you by email for approval. There are a number of convenient ways to execute it.
  2. If a retainer is required, you will make that payment before I begin work by either mailing a check, processing a credit/debt card online, or initiating a wire transfer.
  3. I proceed to take action on your behalf, with a fiduciary level of loyalty, according to the scope and terms of our engagement. Your matter receives parity of priority regardless of its scope or value.
  4. Communication is regular, including in-person meetings, telephone calls, video conferencing, written correspondence, and more transient modes as necessary, such as text messaging. Transparency is a virtue. You share information with me regularly, as received, and in whatever format or media. I make a doc drop service available to clients so they can easily transmit files to me without sending email attachments, etc. A courtesy FedEx account is also available for rapid transmission of official documents.
  5. Payment may be marked hourly, made flat, taken in equity, or held on contingency. Expenses are ordinarily invoiced as incurred, for example court and other government filing fees, or costs related to document production, postage, etc.
  6. I invoice monthly for any month in which work is performed or expenses are incurred, unless the matter is minor or paid in advance on a flat fee, or convenience dictates, in which case a tallied itemization may be issued less intermittently or solely at conclusion. Invoices are provided via email and include a detailed accounting of all action taken and/or expenses incurred, whether or not payment is due.
  7. If a retainer is held in trust on your behalf, my fees are automatically paid from that trust account as they are earned, and any balance remaining at the conclusion of representation is refunded to you. Any funds held in trust on your behalf are yours until earned.
  8. When the project is complete, all your documents are offered back to you for safekeeping, and any retained copies or originals, along with any internal files, are stored in a physical and/or digital format for the mandatory retention period.
  9. A closing letter with final invoice is again dropped via link in an email. This will ordinarily serve the purpose of showing a zero balance and an end to the engagement.
  10. Occasionally matters must be reopened to address peripheral events or changes, and if so, the file is reactivated for a limited purpose, and another closing letter and final invoice will be delivered at conclusion.

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This form is for new clients requesting legal representation. Your submission will be encrypted during transmission for privacy and security. By submitting this information you agree and understand that you are not hiring an attorney or establishing an attorney-client relationship. You also agree and understand that an attorney-client relationship will only be established if a bilateral engagement is documented in writing and representation by J DuClos LLC would present no conflict of interest, or all conflicts are waived by all affected parties. Finally, you understand that you should not send confidential or privileged information, and that if you do confidentiality and privilege may be lost.


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