The Practice

Legal Representation for Individuals & Organizations

I offer global counsel to individuals, private and hybrid organizations, and governmental units on matters of personal to international significance. My practice rests on a mastery of process; a highly organized, efficient and technologically adroit back office; and a deft method of advocacy.

My services are comprehensive, offering from the full range of law and policy through a freelance model that gives clients a rare degree of flexibility on every parameter of our relationship. I pair up with individuals, work with and within organizations, join small or large teams, and become embedded for durations of time if it is most efficient or effective.

Claim prosecution & defense
Government & policy consulting
General counsel & governance
Local to International Regulatory Compliance
Contracting & Licensing
Incorporation & Partnership
Due Diligence
Intellectual Property Development & Protection
Deep research & briefing
Opinions & notices
Organizational audits
Representative agency for artists
Strategy consulting
Negotiation & dispute resolution
Financial management

My approach is pointed and minimalistic. Complexities are reduced to fulcrums. Only necessary actions that result in maximum outputs are taken. While I often lead matters in accordance with existing law, I appreciate stewarding issues the law does not yet reach because they are either rapidly developing or inadequately addressed by demonstrably preferential policy.


Civil Litigation

From initial investigation and discovery, to early demand and negotiation, to pre-trial management and advocacy, through trial and appeal. Wielding mastery of process and deft advocacy. Handling both prosecution and defense. Authoring high-level appellate briefs. Leading litigants to justice, compensation or equity.

Media, Arts & Technology

Starting, maintaining and protecting businesses in the modern economy. From licensing, to strategy on open sourcing, to intellectual property protection for code and media, to artistic agency, to First Amendment representation, to privacy, defamation, libel, and slander. Subjects are covered in isolation and combination, including advices on copyright and trademark, corporate counsel and governance for startups and nonprofits, digital asset management for technologists, payment systems and digital workflows, etc.

Government & Public Policy

Counsel on democratic processes, economic interaction, data-based performance and benchmarking, constitutional interpretation, legislative affairs, and intergovernmental and federal relations, including state and municipal policy and practice. Providing historical and current public policy research, analyses, advocacy, strategy, and statistical studies to domestic and international organizations, including missions, commissions, primary units, special units, NGOs, and public-private partnerships.

Education Policy & Management

Informed and experienced counsel across the educational gamut, including organizational management, student affairs, curriculum and instruction, special education and IEPs, nonprofit tax, and public labor/employment/unionism. Operating across settings, whether urban or rural, public or private, traditional or innovative, K-12 or higher education. Operating across subjects, from pedagogy, to discipline, to standards and assessment, to online learning. Advising and representing institutions and individuals on substantive, procedural and logistical interrelationships.

Kind Words From Clients and Colleagues
Justin is super solid in the media and intellectual property spaces, particularly technical production contracting and copyright licensing. He's native to it in ways very few lawyers are, which enables him to be an ace innovator. He's also incredibly responsive and a consummate professional. On one project he stayed at my virtual side through the duration, frequently and calmly arming me when MTV showed up wanting full, unfettered, behind the scenes access to the production (I wanted them there but needed to maintain control). I could go on with examples. He's protected and advanced my work time and again. He's always two steps ahead in terms of modern practice and over time has become an indispensable partner and source of counsel to my widely defined business.
Danny Leo
Head of Production / Navia Vision
Justin is a lawyer's lawyer. I came to him with three interrelated issues: a corporate restructuring, state level business regulation, and an intellectual property dispute. I was impressed by his conception and articulation of a plan, so when he budgeted the project appropriately I confidently engaged him. He went straight to work and knocked things out one by one until we were done – right on schedule. The most amazing thing is that he completed the project at half the budget and refunded the balance of the retainer.
Michael Miller
Attorney / Private Practice
Justin took my case when no one else would. He more ably discerned its value to me and the community than other attorneys did. He knew my pain – both physical and emotional – and was committed to doing something about the errors that led to it. His practice was extraordinarily efficient and settled the case well into six figures before so much as filing a single document in court.
Plaintiff / Medical Malpractice
Our company was about to lose a bunch of money on a bad deal. Justin was referred to us internally and was absolutely the right person for the job. His work was very thorough, very professional, and his constant personable communication helped us keep the matter on track. His words at one point in the engagement were, "I sell good faith for a living." We believe that to be true after working with him.
Devon Bertelli
Director of Operations / Undisclosed
Justin counseled me through professional employment contract negotiations. He readily conveyed the essence of legal jargon in a form that someone without any legal background could understand. He provided invaluable guidance. I saw immediately that I could trust his judgment. He has a keen eye for detail. He is efficient and effective, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.
Lester Leung
Physician / Undisclosed
Justin advised our team through the filmmaking process – combining strategy and implementation. His insight was always fresh, powerful and eminently practical. He pushed the boundaries of conventional thought and praxis to improve not just the matter of our work, but the means.
Jason Ahn
Exec. Producer / Divided Families Film
I couldn't have asked for a better project leader than Justin. He dedicated himself completely to our work on South Africa's Eastern Cape, which can be an undeniably daunting place. Frequently, the best laid plans became obsolete, and Justin was often forced to procure new and relevant ideas on a moment's notice. Justin always handled this with grace and increased fervor for helping the people in the community in which we worked.
Amy Montalvo