The Practice

Highly Personalized & Versatile Counsel

I offer legal representation to individuals, private and hybrid organizations, and governmental units on matters of personal to international significance. My practice rests on a mastery of process; a distinctly organized, efficient and technologically adroit back office; and a deft method of advocacy.

Practice Clusters
Litigation + Appellate + Justice
Corporate + Nonprofit + Tax
Media + Arts + Tech
Government + Education + Labor
Constitutional + Historical + International
Corporate Governance & General Counsel
Technical Contracting & Licensing
Intellectual Property Development & Protection
Civil Claim Prosecution & Defense
Deep Research & Briefing
Local to International Regulatory Compliance
Administrative Practice
Government & Policy Consulting

I work through a freelance model that gives clients a rare degree of flexibility on key parameters of our relationship. I pair up with professionals, work with and within organizations, join small or large teams, and become embedded or fully dedicated for durations of time if it is most efficient or effective.

My approach is pointed and minimalistic — complexities are reduced to fulcrums. I take necessary action that results in maximum output. While I most often lead matters in accordance with existing law, I appreciate stewarding issues the law does not yet reach, either because they are rapidly developing or inadequately addressed by demonstrably preferential policy, or because there is demand for a predictive application of law to emerging technology.

The time is now 20:25:29 at my office in Boston MA USA. Your local time is 20:25:29. I remain available twenty-four hours a day for clients and emergencies. For new clients, or for more comprehensive attention, please contact me during extended business hours.