Add horsepower to your workflow—I inject research, writing, information architecture, and digital media into legal matters on behalf of professional colleagues.

Of record or off—your clients will thank you, not me.


My principal modalities are research and writing, though my work product can take many forms, often compellingly modern in nature.

Work Product

  • Appellate Briefs
  • Internal & External Memoranda
  • Complaints & Petitions
  • Pre-Trial Motions & Discovery
  • Document Review & Production
  • Trial Preparation & Digital Media Presentation
  • Information Architecture & Analytics
  • Policy RND w/ Legislative Research, Comparison & Drafting
  • Transactional & Licensing Documents
  • Reports & Statements
  • Short & Long Form Articles
  • Historical Analyses


  • Westlaw / LexisNexis / Fastcase
  • Ravel / Judicata / Casetext / vLex
  • Logikcull / Relativity / Cicayda
  • DPLA / PubMed / PLOS One
  • R / Stata / Python
  • nvAlt / Sublime Text / TextWrangler / iA Writer
  • Adobe, Google & Microsoft Suites
  • Oxford English Dictionary (Unabridged)
  • Comprehensive Library of Periodicals, Treatises & Casebooks
  • All Harvard University Libraries
  • Rare Sources & Foreign Materials


I am a polymathic legal counselor and information architect. I deploy technical skills and wide-ranging exposure across disciplines to manifest policy-driven advocacy.


I entered law school following 9/11/01, clerked for now Justice Gilbert V. Indeglia of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, earned a JD from Emory University, and, until returning to academia at Harvard University, practiced with firms handling cases of public import. I am licensed in MA, RI, CT, NY, and LA (none obtained through reciprocity!).

I began my practice briefing the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Courts of Appeals. I worked up appeals with scholar and advocate David J. Bederman, renowned specialist in matters constitutional and international. I have since been leading complex cases in multiple jurisdictions and across subjects — including media, intellectual property, real estate, professional liability, municipal/legislative, constitutional, international, construction, regulatory/administrative, corporate and commercial, labor/employment, environmental, maritime, insurance, education, trusts/estates, nonprofit, and tax.

I took the first opportunity I had out of law school to get involved in public affairs: I moved to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to litigate the flood and levee cases. There, I superintended an array of matters proceeding through governmental systems disrupted to their cores, including representation of the Louisiana Recovery School District in its bid to take over Orleans Parish schools. There was no shortage of civic issues to shepherd, some of which bore directly on civil rights.

I returned to New England to attend Harvard University, where I earned an additional degree in Policy and Management, was a fellow at the Center for State and Local Government and the Program on Education Policy and Governance, as well as a Zuckerman Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, and where I published a scholarly account of democratic malfunction. I also joined the Harvard Law School Environmental Law and Policy Clinic as a teaching/practicing attorney, published on energy policy, and finally took a residential position at Harvard College (Cabot House) before exiting the university and signing on as the director of legal studies at Cape Cod Community College in 2013 to make a difference in the lives of those facing inordinate challenges to their professional progress.

While I most often tackle matters in accordance with existing law, I appreciate stewarding issues the law does not yet reach, either because they are rapidly developing or inadequately addressed by demonstrably preferential policy, or because there is demand for a predictive application of law to emerging technology.


Find here links to a variety of documents I have prepared in multiple jurisdictions, fora and disciplines.

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