No matter the will, I have a way.

Concentrating on the growth and maturation of young men — individualized attention to executive functioning, character development and principles of law, literacy and composition, and digital workflow and coding.


The essential and the remarkable.
Executive Functioning
I teach organization and the art of efficiency. This includes mental sequencing and retention, as well as the arrangement of materials and the management of time. Motivation is nurtured by tying work into passion and purpose, which supports greater follow-through. Study skills are imparted throughout the process. Confidence, optimism and interpersonal connection are also as important to success as intelligence and grit. Through personal exploration and walking meditations, I guide students to mindfulness. The program helps instill poise, refine social skills, and brush up body language. Both extroverts and introverts benefit from this curriculum, especially with regard to public speaking and leadership technique.
Literacy & Composition
Few things are as critical to personal growth and academic success as one’s writing. It is where we solidify our thought, and it is often the first impression we make. I teach across the field of writing — creative, academic, essay, technical, and professional — as well as for style, voice, grammar, and vocabulary. There is no good writing without good reading, so emphasis is placed on both. For those for whom English is a second language, I offer an immersion experience covering conversation, reading and writing, listening, as well as the values, traditions and customs that inform cultures of communication across professional, academic and casual settings. This is done through individual sessions or participation in groups.
Coding & Digital Workflow
With a bit of coding knowledge and mathematical logic, powerful personalized projects can be rolled out. I teach a selection of modern web-based languages that open up the world of online publishing, and do so in the context of a live-to-web portfolio. This includes design, standards, best practices, and analytics integration. I also curate and handpick a selection of creation and productivity applications, chain them together, and then train in their use and implementation. Technology is deployed as a utility, not as an end in itself — and the product startles no less for it. There is a focus on metadata and information architecture in the process of harnessing software to improve performance and express oneself.
Legal Principles
Finding a place in society requires understanding society — on both social and structural planes. Rarely is instruction on the inner workings of community and the history behind convention, custom, tradition, and mores available in conjunction with journeys towards self-development — but that's how it comes together here. By integrating discussion of "how things work" and "how to get from A to B", the inquiry into self is contextualized in a most practical manner. The outcome is a complete pathway — a sense of identity, a set of objectives, and an understanding of the conditions in which any accomplishment must take place. Knowledge of law is one of the most concrete forms of knowledge as power.
If specialized knowledge is best brought to bear, I integrate collaboration from a deep network of highly trained professionals.
Autumn 2018

Forging Identity

From Surfside to Studio

Join me for a three-week fall course exploring the outdoors, contemplating identity, reading/writing reflectively, and building a web portfolio that can be used to advance school applications or career goals. The program is one-on-one, includes all equipment, insurance and transport, and runs at a flat fee. This is an unparalleled opportunity to lay a cornerstone or place a capstone.

Week 1: Walking & Talking

We begin with walks in inspiring natural environs. We find mindfulness through motion and discussion of big ideas, as well as who we are and how we wish to join an ever-changing world of interconnected people. We pause to capture photographs of scenes that instinctively engross us. The physical activity and completion of modest challenges bring fulfillment.

Week 2: Reading & Writing

Writing provides a mode of reflection, introspection and self-awareness. Reading pieces that contextualize and validate the shared human condition helps to normalize new or foreign feelings. Exercising the capacity for composition is a life skill with far-reaching advantage. The result of this aspect of the program is a sense of self, identity, and with it appreciable maturation.

Week 3: Designing & Coding

Curating the experience and laying out an enduring product that depicts the outcome makes growth tangible and real. The creative process is not only cathartic, it encourages the development of a practical competency — we design and code a new website (public or private), which then serves as a portfolio with a multitude of uses that can bring about opportunity.
Dialectical Pedagogy

Every student gets his own Slack team.

Great education is multi-directional and fluid.
Customized configurations accommodate individualization.
Parents get their own channel to stay involved and apprised.
Dialectical Education

Program Options

Customized plans, strategies and solutions available upon request.
Per Hour
One-on-One Mentoring
Slack Team
Home Visits
1 Month
One-on-One Mentoring
Slack Team
Home Visits
Two 2-Hour Sessions Per Week
3 Weeks
Summer Course
One-on-One Engagement
Slack Team
Two 2-Hour Sessions Per Week
Portfolio Web Development
6 Months
One-on-One Mentoring
Slack Team + Instructors
Site Visits + Weekends
One 2-Hour Session Per Week
Video Conferencing
Extra-Curricular Involvement

Bring Focus and Direction
to Your Son's Work

I infuse scholastic tasks with meaning and purpose, while at the same time bringing years of rigorous classroom and professional experience to bear on academic and social outcomes.
You showed me that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Those of us with whom you have shared your knowledge have truly been blessed.
Graduate Student
Justin is a great teacher who knows exactly what he is talking about. His love for the subject was shared, which truly made me love it as well.
High School Junior
Today is my graduation day and I could not let it pass by without thanking you. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.
College Sophomore
Justin's uncommon experience made him a sought-after advisor. Even among Harvard's outstanding array of resident tutors, he was exceptional as a teacher and mentor.
College Junior
Justin is a natural educator who cares deeply about his students. He maintains high expectations, and masterfully crafts the big picture before parsing out the details.
College Freshman
As my adviser, Justin played a key role in guiding me through critical decisions, and his advice enabled me to develop my intellectual potential to the fullest.
College Sophomore

About Justin

I am one of four brothers in a close-knit family; I graduated from an all-boys high school; and I am now the father of two boys. The special influence young men require has never been lost on me, and the pervasiveness of digital devices coupled with complex cultural expectations makes it more important now than ever before.
I am an educator, a writer, an all-around analytical creative, and a practicing policy lawyer with consequential academic and business exposure. I am project-driven; I understand the creative process inherently; and I crave collaboration. I hold a Master's degree in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and have been working with students in and out of academic settings for nearly two decades.
View Selections From My Work Portfolio
Master’s in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University; Juris Doctor from Emory University; Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Providence College (Distinction)
Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Practicing/Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Law School Environmental Law Clinic; Zuckerman Fellow at the the Harvard Graduate School of Education
Harvard Law School (Environmental Policy); Harvard College (Writing, Law and Policy); Phillips Academy Andover (American Law, Speech and Debate); The Rectory School (English, History); Cardigan Mountain School (English); Cape Cod Community College (Legal Studies)
Curatorial Methods for Teaching, Digital Media and Learning Conference (2014); A Sense of Place, Blue Mind 3 (2013); Writing Books, Harvard University (2012); First Amendment Civil Disobedience, MIT (2011); Modern Leadership Methods, Samsung/LG (2010,2011); Neuroplasticity in Practice, Harvard School of Public Health (2010)
Select Projects
Jong'lwazi (novel about the spiritual journey of a young man navigating political schism in 1960s rural South Africa); Rooster Land (private online writing workshop); Tideland (forthcoming literary journal exhibiting writers from Boston down the Cape); On Common (time-controlled non-profit to advance equity in education in rural South Africa); Thought & Action (editorial board of education journal)
Select Legal Work
Briefed a federal court on ownership of artifacts recovered from shipwreck Titanic; Organized a non-profit to manage rights to an Academy Award-winning film; Litigated the flood and levee cases in post-Katrina New Orleans; Briefed the U.S. Supreme Court on constitutional sovereign immunity