Background on My Career

I am an interdisciplinarian working at a nexus of interconnected passions with an entrepreneurial spirit — I am a writer, an educator, an all-around analytical creative, and a formerly practicing policy lawyer with both academic and business exposure, as well as consequential project and direct account management experience. I am project-driven; I understand the creative process inherently; and I crave collaboration. As a lifelong coder and congenital math head, I also enjoy developing digital spaces and utilities, and bringing technology to bear on problems of great breadth.

DuClos Family

Jenny, Haven, Me, West

I was teaching on the morning of 9/11/01. In the succeeding months, most of America — myself included — was drawn to media reports about the wars that would unfold. I was compelled to increase my awareness, knowledge and skills so that I could be more for my students in what was certain to be a different world ahead.

I entered law school the following academic season, clerked for now Justice Gilbert V. Indeglia of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, earned a JD in 2005, and, until returning to academia at Harvard University in 2009, practiced with firms handling cases of public import. Along the way, I became licensed in MA, RI, CT, NY, and LA.

I took the first opportunity I had out of law school to get involved in public affairs: I moved to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to litigate the flood and levee cases. There, I superintended an array of matters proceeding through governmental systems disrupted to their cores, including representation of the Louisiana Recovery School District in its bid to take over Orleans Parish schools. There was no shortage of civic issues to shepherd, some of which bore directly on civil rights.

I returned to New England to work on educational issues more particularly, including counseling school leadership on constitutional search and seizure, the First Amendment, non-profit tax compliance, and teachers’ union contract disputes. The latter project involved a deeply researched position on public education and fiscal policy in the throes of recession, which led me to Harvard University, where I earned an EdM in Education Policy and Management, was a fellow at the Center for State and Local Government and the Program on Education Policy and Governance, as well as a Zuckerman Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, and where I published a scholarly account of public labor litigation dynamics. I also joined the Harvard Law School Environmental Law and Policy Clinic as a teaching/practicing attorney, published on energy policy, and finally took a residential position at Harvard College (Cabot House) before exiting the university to continue my bend back to education after the legal interlude conceived in 2001. I signed on at Cape Cod Community College in 2013 to make a difference in the lives of students facing an array of life circumstances that challenge their academic progress.

I no longer practice law, but I draw on the experience daily. I continue to speak, write, teach, and work on issues of public import.